reAltitude works! And Here's How.

We are extremely pleased to announce the launch of the new reAltitude website. Many months have been dedicated to determining how we could best collaborate with our partners to service the association and MLS landscape.

After much diligence, it became clear that there are only really two major problems that need to be addressed to solve the vast majority of our problems.

1. Streamlined and comprehensive onboarding of member benefits, programs, services, and education.

The determination was made that true understanding of the value brought to the membership doesn't correlate to the volume of benefits/services provided but instead the actual adoption of them. Under the old paradigm, the result has been an encyclopedia of offerings with very little to no adoption.

Every organization has a different process and the appropriate POC never has the same job title.

2. Need to vastly improve member communications and marketing.

Our magnificent staff's work tirelessly to bring great benefits to the membership. In any business, a great product/service and customer service wins the day unless nobody knows about.

In 99% of associations and MLS the primary method of communication is still email.

Subsequently, reAltitude decide to focus on the latter. Unless we bring our capabilities up to a higher standard our members will continue to ask the question "What are my dues paying for?"

Like any other business we need to know our CUSTOMERS better, engage them how/when they want and with personal relevancy.

Over the coming months, we will be distributing a 20-part series on how this can be accomplished at an organization of any size.

We have been lucky enough to build a strong collaboration with RealTown. Found by Saul Klein and John Reilly (creators of Point 2 Syndication and ePRO training) you will have access to the 1200 strong closed FaceBook group AE Talk as well as a huge library of association and MLS facing content.

In closing, I'll pose a few questions.

How many of us send a "happy birthday" or "congratulations on your REALTOR® membership anniversary"?

How many of us know enough about our membership to make a real determination of the potential market for the products and services we work so hard to onboard?

Nicholas J. Zavala