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Middle of the Funnel--Bottom of the Funnel

Once the top of the funnel is built it is now time maximize the most efficient point of communication that can be deployed. Middle of the Funnel.
There are three options for developing this traction point, each offering differing capabilities.

  1. Member Portal provided by your Association Management Solution

  2. SSO Dashboard – Clareity

  3. Custom Web page/Front-end of the MLS

Association Member Portal

Even though Rapittoni garners the most significant market share, I am sorry to say it is the worst member interface to accomplish our goals. That leaves RAMCO, which fortunately is built on the 365 CRM and MMSI Membership Director, which has done great UI/UX work.  

Before we continue let’s remember that membership traffic should NOT be split over a member portal and MLS log in. Rather the member should only be able to follow one lane to get to the MLS. 

Both RAMCO and MMSI provide billing, events, education, PAC contributions, messaging functionality and open API’s. If each module is robust enough to fulfill the organization's needs then all completed actions can be tracked.  

If the member portal is the single "on-ramp" to get to the MLS then an email will quickly become obsolete.  

Single Sign-On Dashboard with Notifications

Many Associations provide an SSO dashboard such as Clareity as the gateway to the MLS. By definition these are a great aggregation point for messaging and is already built to recognize the agent. The next step is to classify the agent into marketing buckets or personas, build the dynamic assets to display to them for the services they use, and the workflows to drive conversion of products that they have not adopted. 

Custom Web page/Front-end of the MLS

A web page is just a visual representation of data and as such one can be created/hosted to display segmented experiences. An example of this is the member interface on the MLS. Take control of the opening page, host it on your domain, and power it with your CRM in a way that communicates directly to the agent.


The full power of layered and segmented communications is now applicable. Choose the type of campaign to run and outbound channels to be leveraged. Be it text, push, browser notification, custom messaging on the member portal, the front end of the MLS and or email.

Additionally, track the channel most often engaged by the member on an individual basis and optimize communications to that preference.
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